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This site is my attempt to sanity. If you've stumbled upon this, then I hope you find the information and experiences I share helpful, if not entertaining!
God has designed each of us for a special purpose. What's your purpose? Do you feel like you've just been surviving? Are you afraid of what people would think if they knew that you are actually struggling behind the smiles that you share because it's unconciously reflexive rather than a portal to genuine contentment?
Guess what? You are not alone. I guarantee you that everyone has felt this way, is feeling this way, or WILL feel this way. So how do we get past our hurdles in life and learn how to go past survival and live to the potential that God created in us?
I don't have all the answers--not even close. But feel free to join me as I journey to discover my potential and purpose. God put us here, not to be isolated from each other, but to share together our experience in discovering who we are, and in turn and more importantly, who our God is!
Have a struggle that you want to share? Want to share what God has already done in your life? Please email me!
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