Where Do I Begin? 
As a person who lives with A.D.D., it is really important that I have routines and systems to help keep myself in-line and to keep my mental sanity. I once was so overwhelmed with the messiness in my apartment, I broke down in tears just because I didn't know where to even begin! I called my mom, who simply said, "Honey, just start in the kitchen." So, from then on, when I enter "cleaning mode", I start in the kitchen. Therefore, we will start in the kitchen here as well.
In the Kitchen
Here you will find recipes, cooking tips, organizing tips, (many of them learned in my days as a chef), and resources that have helped me to keep up with everything that goes on in my kitchen. I hope you will find this helpful too.
Shine Your Sink
First, let me say that if you really want to start off right, you simply must go to the FlyLady website. The first thing that she suggests you do, is to shine your sink. So, I will recommend this too. For some people, deciding to start in the kitchen is not enough. They need to know WHERE to start in the kitchen. No more excuses. Now you know where. You need a clean sink first and foremost so that you can clean everything else consequently. Read on FlyLady's website about how exactly to shine your sink here.
Because FlyLady really walks you through the whole process of getting your house in order from top to bottom, I'm not going to re-invent the wheel here. I simply want to share with you the things I've found to be helpful for me with anything involving the kitchen.
Inventory is Important
Knowing what you have to work with really helps you to plan. Below is a spreadsheet to use to help you track and take inventory of what's in your kitchen, and then translate what's lacking in your inventory to a grocery list.
Recycling and Repurposing
Back to the Kitchen
Although I don't like to think of myself as a tree-hugger, I do believe it's important to take care of God's Creation. Recycling is actually very easy and convenient way to help, but are we maximizing the recycling system that I know many of our communities are implementing?
I was eating lunch with a co-worker and we noticed that one of the packaging containers I had from a food product had the little triangle with a number inside, on the bottom of the packaging. "I wonder what those symbols mean? I see them on a lot of packaging," I said. "I dunno. Maybe it's some kind of symbol for what the chemicals are in the material or something," she said.
Well, being the geek that I am, I decided to Google it. And now I am going to share it with you.
Why aren't people being taught about this when they are being "trained" to recycle? It's actually pretty important information and what it has taught me is that MOST of my trash is actually recyclable. It's not just soda cans and plastic grocery bags, folks. Who knew that our trash actually tells us what to do with itself? In fact, plastics alone have a recycling "key". Now we can sort our recyclables not only by material (plastic, metal, paper), but by the TYPES of those materials. See for yourself with plastics.
For my gotta-have-it-printable peeps, here; eat your heart out PDF style. (And of course, remember to recycle it when you're done reading.)
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